(Amended by the Annual General Meeting 2008)

1.         The name of the Association shall be the Lee and Lincombe Residents' Association.

2.         The aims of the Association are to promote and safeguard the amenities of Lee and Lincombe and their surroundings, and to pursue matters of common interest to the villagers, having due regard to the area being subject to Conversation Policies i.e., Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Coastal Preservation Area, area designated as being a Heritage Coast and much of the village of Lee being a Conservation Area.

3.  a).   Membership of the Association shall be restricted to the residents of Lee and Lincombe who reside within the Polling District of Ilfracombe (West) (Lee).

     b).   All members entitled to vote, shall be over the age of eighteen years.

     c).   The annual subscription, per household, shall be determined at each Annual General Meeting.

     d).   The Committee shall have the power to refuse, or terminate, membership, provided that 70% of the Full Committee vote in favour, and need give no reason for so doing.

     e).   Membership shall automatically terminate after twelve months arrears of subscription if a written application for subscription has been refused or ignored.

4.  a).   The Officers of the Association shall be the Chairman, the permanent Honorary Treasurer and the permanent Honorary Secretary. The positions of the Treasurer and the Secretary (neither of whom shall have a vote) are to be confirmed annually by the Committee.

     b).   The Honorary Secretary shall arrange for Minutes to be taken of all Meetings.

     c).   The Committee shall be comprised of SEVEN members of the Association elected at the Annual General Meeting, all of whom must have been in residence in Lee or Lincombe for two years or more at the time of nomination, plus the Hon. Treasurer and the Hon. Secretary. At the first Committee Meeting following the Annual General Meeting the seven elected members shall elect one of their number to be Chairman and that person shall have a casting vote.

     d).   Officers and Committee Members shall hold office until the end of the meeting at which their successor is elected or the post is abolished.

     e).   The Committee shall retire annually but all members of it may be available for re-election.

     f).    Casual Vacancies on the Committee may be filled by the Committee by co-option.

     g).   Nominations for election to the Committee must be proposed and seconded by current Members of the Association and must be signed by the Candidate to indicate acceptance of the nomination. The nominee, in addition to the two years residence qualification, must have been a member of the Association for at least twelve months prior to being nominated. Nomination papers must be received by the Secretary at least fourteen days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting. In the event of insufficient nominations for a full Committee being received, nominations will be taken from the floor and, if necessary, a ballot held on these to make up a full Committee. The names of the elected Committee shall be announced at the Meeting. Any member shall have the right to inspect the tellers’ charts.

5.  a).   The Annual General Meeting shall be held before the First day of June each year, and twenty-eight days notice of the meeting shall be given to all members who have paid subscriptions for the year prior to the Annual General Meeting by posting the proposed date of the meeting on the Village Notice Board and at Lincombe.

     b).   The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be to receive annual reports from the Chairman and the Secretary, and a statement of the accounts from the Treasurer, to elect a Committee, to set the rate for the annual subscription and to transact such other business the Chairman may wish to place on the Agenda.

     c).   The Financial Year of the Association shall be from the First day of April to the last day of March. An independent examiner shall be appointed by the Committee and the accounts shall be reviewed before presentation to the Annual General Meeting.

6.         The Committee shall have the power to conduct the general business of the Association, as outlined in Rule 2 above, at its absolute discretion. Four members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum excluding the permanent officers. The officers shall have the power to call Committee Meetings at such times as are deemed necessary. A Committee Meeting shall also be called at the request of not less than three Committee Members. Members of the Association may attend the meetings of the Committee and may, at the discretion of the Committee and in accordance with rules of procedure established by the Committee, be invited to address the meeting.

7.  a).  The Committee shall have the power to call an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting at such times as it deems necessary and only the matters for which the said meeting is called shall be discussed. Fourteen days notice of the Meeting shall be given by the means described at Rule 5a) above. The Chairman shall also call such a meeting at the written request of SIX fully paid-up households of the Association and each item of business for discussion at such a meeting shall only deal with the matters contained in the written request of the SIX households. Such a meeting must be held within twenty-eight days of receipt of the request, giving fourteen days notice by means described at Rule 5a) above.

     b).   Resolutions at Extra-Ordinary General Meetings shall be passed by a majority of 75% of the votes cast by the Members present. The Chairman shall have no casting vote.

8.         Voting at all meetings (other than at Rule 7b) above) shall normally be by a show of hands with a simple majority carrying, except for the election of the Committee, which shall be conducted by ballot but only if more than seven nominations are received. At all meetings (other than at Rule 7b) above), in the event of a tied vote the Chairman may have a casting vote otherwise the motion is lost. In matters of exceptional importance, the Committee may propose to the Annual General Meeting that a proportional vote, e.g. 75% of the votes received from members, may be necessary (and will be necessary in all cases of a proposed change to the Constitution).

9.         A summary of the Minutes of each Committee Meeting shall be placed on the Village Notice Board and at Lincombe.

10.       A copy of this Constitution shall be filed in the Minute Book, a copy shall be sent to all Members and a copy given to each new Member upon joining the Association.

11.       Alterations to these Rules shall be made only at an Annual General Meeting or at an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting called for such a purpose.