Ilfracombe Town Council amends recommendation about application for planning permission to re-develop the Lee Bay Hotel site

Post date: Sep 16, 2015 9:38:29 AM

Ilfracombe Town Council’s Planning & Environment Committee met on 7th September in Lee Memorial Hall to consider the planning application to re-develop the Lee Bay Hotel site. A number of residents were surprised and concerned by the committee’s decision to recommend approval without any conditions. (The Town Council does not make decisions about planning applications but makes recommendations to the local planning authority of North Devon Council.)

At a meeting of the full Ilfracombe Town Council on 14 September, councillors voted in favour of a motion:

To amend the Planning & Environment Committee’s recommendation to:

‘recommend approval subject to the planning authority investigating and addressing the concerns raised by residents, including those concerns set out in a statement made by the Committee of the Lee & Lincombe Residents’ Association’.